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Plastic Seal Features

- Metal insert pull tight plastic seal

- Material: PP, stainless steel locking mechanism

- Flat-teeth metal insert to make sure the 100% breaking when pull out after sealing

- Obvious spikes which is nearby the locking entrance for bag’s locking control

- Designed the flat tail with scale number for tamper evidence

- Designed with big flag (78 mm X 27 mm) for RFID chip placement and marking

- Designed with strong flat locking tail with size in 330mm X 7mm X 2mm

- The total length of the seal is 406mm and the operational length is 285mm

- Designed with two holes on the flag as label holders

- RFID chip placement area size: 45.5mm X 20mm

- Average tensile strength: 400 N

- Removable by cutting tools, such as scissor

RFID Chip Data

- With anti-collision algorithms to support multi-cards operation

- No power supply, comes with antenna, containing communication logic circuit

- Data retention period of 10 years, can be read more than 100,000 times

- Recommended working temperature: -40℃ ~ 80℃ (humidity of 90%)

- Recommended chip size: 43mm X 20mm

- Operating Frequency: 13.56MHZ or 915MHZ (UHF)

- Operating voltage: 3.5V-5V

- Communication rate: 106KBPS

- The diameter of the antenna: 0.1mm

- Reading probability: more than 99% (depended by the power of the reader)

- Reading distance: within 50mm (related with the frequency and the reader)

Main Applications

- Asset management, postal services, courier services, bags, door control etc.

Customization Options

- Company’s name, sequential number

- Barcode (laser)

- Variety of colors (yellow, white, orange…)

- RFID chip operating frequency 


- Standard Packaging: 10 pieces/mat - 100 pieces/bag - 1000 pieces/carton

- Carton Specifications: 17.72" X 10.63" X 10.63" (45cm X 27cm X 27cm)

- Carton Weight: Gross: 9.6 kg / Net: 9.1 kg


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